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Previous events hosted in the Sanctuary at Sophea Gallery & Tibetan Teahouse

Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we

perform the job of taking care of our soul.

Christopher Forrest McDowell

2 July 2015 Neeraj K Kalan blowing the Conch to ring in the Celebrations for the Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday

Geshe-la Tsondu, a Tibetan Lama who was attached to the Office of Tibet in Pretoria, photographed here with Anna Slabbert and Maryna Kruger from SOPHEA Gallery & Tibetan Teahouse. Geshe-la Tsondu did a series for Dharma teachings here whilst visiting Cape Town.

In May 2010 Sophea Gallery & Tibetan Teahouse hosted six Monks from the Rizong Monastery in Ladakh visiting South Africa by invitation of The Tibet Society of South Africa (TSSA). In commemoration of the Dalai Lama’s 75th Birthday, their World Peace and Compassion Tour entailed the building of a “Compassion” sand mandala and various chant performances.

They were warmly received by Cape Town!

Dharmasetu das and Friends from ISKCON at a wonderfully enlightening talk by Brihat Mridanga das entitled:     “The Influence of Sound - material and transcendental- to the body and mind, from the Vedic perspective”  This was followed by some beautiful singing of chants and mantras.

A Mexican Huichol Indian shaman of pure tradition, Casiano, did a talk and group healing for us when he visited South Africa as part of a cultural exchange, to share knowledge and build spiritual 'bridges' between different worlds, traditions and sacred earth places

Singing Bowl Healing Meditation

led by Maryna Kruger

In celebration of the Dalai Lama’s 80 birthday on 6 July 2015, but most deeply, in support of his and the Tibetan People’s ethos of loving kindness and compassion we opened our theme-based Spiritual Art exhibition entitled “Celebrating the Human(e) Spirit” with a special exhibit of Sacred Tibetan Art & Artefacts   The exhibit included interesting and intriguing items from various private collections.

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