Nepalese and Tibetan Jewellery

We offer exquisite silver jewellery produced by the excellent silversmiths of Nepal which we buy from our Tibetan and Nepalese jewellers. Our speciality is Tibetan traditional stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Coral and Tibetan amber.

Tibetan Artefacts

We also specialise in mostly Buddhist artefacts such as Tibetan Prayer Flags, Singing Bowls, Prayer Wheels, Prayer Beads (mala's), Bell & Dorje's, Cymbals, Khata Scarves, Altar Cups, Butter lamps, etc.

Our statues and masks are made by Gautam Sakya, a gifted sculptor from Patan in Nepal, in the traditional lost wax method.

Our shop closed on 31 March and most of our stock has been sold. We still have some jewellery,

small prayer flags, prayer beads, some Tibetan Juniper and Lemongrass incense, Tibetan Thangkas  and Spiritual Art. Also some beautiful gongs and a few other odds and ends left. Should you be interested you can give us a call and we can set up an appointment. Call 021 786-1544.

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