Come and hear interesting tales of Tibetan Singing Bowls, the Universe and the healing power of sound. Let the good vibrations of the big Gong and Singing Bowls flow through every atom of every cell. Make it your intention to release all your worries and woes. Come harmonise your body and soul!

In his book “healing sounds”  Ted Andrews (1992) says that ”Sound, in any of its forms, is a source of Energy that can heal and change your consciousness.”


Johnathan Goldman

says that “Frequency + Intent = Healing”

Guided Singing Bowl Healing Meditation/Visualisation presented by Maryna Kruger

Maryna on stage at the 2013 Absa KKNK in Oudsthoorn (Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) in her Lifestyle Production

“ In the beginning was the word...” 

A Sound meditation for body and soul.

Singing Bowl Healing Meditations

Maryna can be booked to present at your venue. Call her on 084630-2257

For the past Our singing bowl meditations are hosted by  Maryna Kruger. She firstly spends a couple of minutes teaching you and demonstrating the bowls to ensure that everyone is comfortable playing a bowl.She then tell sthe story of the bowls and explains how sound works at an energetic level and how powerful intent is in healing.

The meditation start with a silent Gong and singing bowl meditation, followed by a guided visualisation/meditation with the first part spent on energy clearing and healing of ourselves, our friends, loved ones and our planet.   This is followed by a visualisation/meditation where we bring in positive energy for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet.

If you do not own a singing bowl, we will provide one when available or if you just want to participate without playing the bowls you are also most welcome.

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Maryna is a Reiki Master and can be booked for private one-on-one or couples Sound and Reiki Healing Treatments.

“It was a wonderful session!  W Wright 2014


“During my recent visit to Simon’s Town I had a truly marvelous Reiki experience with Maryna.  She is a very knowledgeable, sincere, and sympathetic practitioner.  Her use of the singing bowls helped me to immediately relax and the moment her hands hovered over my head I felt a surge of warm healing energy and felt immediately at peace.  I would highly recommend Maryna to anyone. 


Eileen Aytac. South Wales. 2016

“What a beautiful vibration this meditation added to the Cittashanti space... Thank you Maryna of Tibetan Teahouse and for everyone who came from near and far.”