Calling all Restaurateurs or Chefs



Since we have ended our 15 years of restaurant activities on these premises

  (the house from which we operated has been sold and the new owner does not want to continue with the shop or restaurant)  there is a great opportunity for another restaurateur to

buy this well loved brand called

Tibetan Teahouse

and operate it from another venue. Price R350,000 neg. This includes registered, dormant, Tibetan Teahouse cc, social media such as Tibetan Teahouse fb page with over 1000 friends, plus all the goodwill built up over its 15 years of operation. Included also are some Tibetan Artefacts, Wall Hangings and Paintings, that can underpin the Tibetan theme as part of the corporate identity. This restaurant was well loved. The food was well loved. It was the longest running vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the country. It is featured in the Rough Guide, Lonely Planet  and other touring magazines. It was also featured on South African Tv and and on Radio a number of times. Our customers are devastated that the restaurant no longer exists. This is a great opportunity to acquire a well loved brand with an existing loyal clientele.

If you are interested, please call

Anna at 082 896-6426

SOPHEA Gallery and Tibetan Teahouse offers
“kind food for body and soul”
shared in an atmosphere of warmth,

beauty and serenity.

Tibetan Teahouse

The Teahouse leads onto a deep-set and sheltered verandah which has fabulous views over False Bay and is ideal for whale watching.

The menu offers imaginative and tasty vegetarian and vegan food, styled on original Tibetan recipes, and is praised by vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. In winter a cosy fireplace

and a hearty plate of Sherpa

Stew takes care of the the cold.

All meals and cakes are made

on the premises from the

finest ingredients.  Except for

our cheese muffins, all our

cakes such as our giant

scones, dark chocolate cake

and apple pie are vegan.

Join us for a cup of our homemade spice Chai or Tibetan butter tea served in a wooden cup. In fact, Tibetan folklore states that...

“Drinking tea from a wooden cup makes you handsome, popular

and wise!”


Apple Crumble

Sweet Potato Curry

Try our home grown herb infusions and  fresh herb Teas

Rose Geranium





Lemon Cup Cake

(A delicious a gluten and wheat free version)

Lemon Verbena

Best food we've had in Africa!
Jody Thomas & Jamee Black, Moorman, England

Delicious food, great ambience...
Ursula Austin, Lakeside

Non violence begins

with a fork!
A slogan on T-Shirt worn by a visitor to the Teahouse that really impressed us.

The traditional Tibetan Lui ceremony (Happy birthday) celebrations at the Teahouse with traditional Tibetan music instruments!

Tibetan folklore has it that food prepared by one person may not taste as nice as that prepared by another,  although they use the exact same ingredients. This is explained by their belief that some people have an invisible power which enables them to prepare delicious food. This power is called ‘lagchus" (nourishing hand).


The Tibetan Teahouse has closed.  Thank you to all who so kindly and loyaly supported us these past  15 years

Cookery Book

Our cookery book is currently with a publisher

and if you wish to be get a copy when it becomes available

please send us an e-mail with your details


Reminder of the good old days...